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How To Enjoy Sensible Weight Loss

By Russ Howe

If you are attempting to figure out how to lose weight effectively you have probably noticed how many people out there are trying to tell you a million different things and sell you product after product. Are you ready for the truth? You don't need any of them. What if you were able to achieve your fitness goal without needing to buy a single thing or follow a fad diet?

There are enough gimmicks and celebrity style get fit quick plans out there to get you lost forever, so what we'll be focusing on today are a series of proven, time tested methods.

If you're after results these steps will bring them. No nonsense, nothing to buy, no endorsements. Just proven methods from years spent training individuals in the gym.

It's time to get moving.

* Use a calorie deficit to get started.

Work at cutting your daily intake of calories by about two hundred per day until you reach your target, rather than dropping your intake in half suddenly. This small step approach actually yields better results for you. Drop by no more than 200 per day til you hit your goal per day then maintain it from there. By eating less calories, you will lose weight. Particularly if you do it this way and apply the following steps on top of this one.

* Increase your daily protein.

Even if you are not concerned with getting muscular you don't want to be losing muscle. Lose the bad weight, i.e. fat, not the good weight. Your body's natural reaction to you eating less fat and carbs is to look to burn muscle instead. Kill this and force it to hang onto your muscle by consuming more protein when dieting.

* Go with protein snacks, not carbs.

Protein doesn't encourage your body to store fat as much as either carbohydrates or fats. So next time you want a snack, go with protein. Try turkey, fish, chicken or even a protein shake. You will be amazed at the results gained from this little technique, as your body will begin adapting and naturally storing less bad fats. Once you get into this routine you will literally never go back.

* Use our tubs approach.

Easily the top diet tip of many trainers, this simple technique is sworn by in our gym. Carrying small tubs in your rucksack with you to work, each container filled with a light and healthy snack of around 50 to 100 kcals will allow you to beat the one issue which brings most people off their diet. Picture it, you are half way through a hard shift at work with no food and the vending machine is calling your name.. We have all been there. This step nullifies this action completely.

* Take a day off every week.

The worst thing you can do when dieting is to feel like you are punishing yourself for wanting to get a better body. If all of your favorite junk foods are now forbidden you will probably give in to temptation and crash off your diet in spectacular fashion every time. Long term it actually pays to take a day off from your diet every week and enjoy your favorite foods as you wish. Be warned though, there is a difference between having a nice cheat day and having Christmas day.

Apply these simple methods and you will get results, regardless of current experience or even current weight. These are the basics of any proven, solid diet plan and if you are looking at how to lose weight effectively and keep it off you will do well to apply each step shown here first.

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